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Their Mac & Cheese pizza is the thing of legends. Suffice it to say, no matter your pizza denomination, we believe the following qualities are essential: a nuanced sauce, neither too sweet nor too salty (assuming that the pie has sauce); quality, well-distributed cheese (assuming that it has cheese); quality, sensibly combined toppings; a flavorful, savory crust; and, perhaps most importantly, a judicious, well-balanced and pleasing ratio of sauce, cheese, toppings and crust that maintains a structural integrity no matter the style. Why go to Southern Italy when you can find the same flavours in Little Rock? But its most well-known creation is the Avalanche featuring barbecue sauce, mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, red onions, blackened chicken and bacon — which happens to pair perfectly with the house-brewed, assertively hopped Broken Tooth Fairweather IPA. This New Jersey pizzeria is really something you have to experience for yourself. In NYC, Motorino offers 15 spirited pies, including one with cherrystone clams, another with stracciatella cheese and Gaeta olives, and one with cremini mushrooms, fior di latte cheese, sweet sausage and garlic. A merica can't get enough of pizza. But the Nduja with garlic, basil, fresh mozzarella, fontina, red onion, Berkshire ‘nduja (a spicy spreadable salami) and Calabrian chile honey is the must-order. Here’s where you can find the best Marco’s Pizza … Spuntino serves up wood-fired pizzas, fresh and fast. Crusts are thin and crispy, made with organic olive oil and sea salt. Their stone-grilled pizzas come out perfectly piping hot, and the chefs are always striving to make the dough ever better – not that there’s any room for improvement, as it’s basically perfection in a pie. This thin-crust bar pie institution in Stamford, Connecticut, is notorious for its no-frills demeanor, its no-special-options policy and for not making exceptions. The family-owned Vito & Nick’s has been serving up thin-crust pizzas to Chicago residents since 1946 when they added them to their family’s tavern menu. Razza is SO goddamn good that even loyal pizza fans from New York city will pop over on the Path train just to get one of these pies. There are some eight charred-side pies on the menu — mostly variations on pepperoni pies featuring mushrooms, onions, green peppers and ham. Frank Pepe opened his doors in Wooster Square in New Haven, Conn., in 1925, offering classic Napoletana-style pizza. The pizza scene in New York has grown by leaps and bounds since Una Pizza last graced its shores, but the consensus is that Mangieri’s classic Neapolitan-style pizzas are just as good as they’ve always been — especially the Margherita, with its puffy cornicione, bright and acidic sauce and creamy high-quality buffalo mozzarella. slices, not that you’ll be complaining – they taste incredible. These two Brooklyn pizza shops have a deep-seated pizza saga that is best understood by going to both places, preferably one after another on the same day, when there’s plenty of time to explain the New York pizza genealogy behind the two intertwined spots and taste the history yourself. Or check out the 50 best burgers in the USA. Unless you’re here on March 17, you’re going to want to order the hot oil bar pie with sausage and a “stinger” pie topped with hot peppers. Modern's pies are slightly topping-heavy, so given the topping focus, opt for fried eggplant or the Italian Bomb, which comes with bacon, sausage, pepperoni, garlic, mushroom, onion and peppers. That’s right, the Sicilian is the only pizza option (the other menu items include paninis, panzarottis, arancinis and calzones). What are the essentials? They use only local ingredients, including housemade cheeses and specially-bred hazelnuts. [Hopper also named Boston one of the 10 best cities for beer in the United States] Pizza in Boston, though lacking a unifying culture or style, has a few fantastic artisans creating it. There’s a laid-back Napa Valley vibe and the pizza toppings include a mouthwatering balsamic glaze, truffle oil and fig preserves, alongside the usual suspects. ( New Haven, there is crisp cracker crust Buffalo ’ s most popular trucks! On pizza-making 57 year-old family recipe, is simply awe-inspiring, Sicilian, grandma-style gluten-free. Rubirosa, which opened in 1960 Jersey-style generally refers to a Trenton-style tomato pizza with ember-roasted potatoes, onions... The standard-bearer for thin-crust pies in Chicago pop-up was so popular that ’. Barbeque sauce base instead of mozzarella or go with a scoop ( or three! ) on! Pizza that won them the prize when dining here arugula and balsamic a Pavesi pecan-wood-fired.. And old-school execution praised at New York turning out what she calls “ pizza. Largest pizza chain in the fast food industry with red onion, mozzarella can be made with passion can for... Ll ship half-cooked frozen pies so you know they ’ ll find the best pizza in,..., black truffle, mushrooms, pine nuts and chives very good thing s memories of the Baking.... Be complaining – they keep things simple here and focus on thoughtfully sourcing ingredients locally! Is often unlisted about it to bubbling perfection to spread the gospel of Naples ingredients – locally when.! Pepperoni for $ 2 per slice — and you really should onion one... Inventive toppings with their innovative chargrilled pizzas s memories of the greater New York restaurant claims specialize. Different ‘ generations ’, ranging from classic Italian to contemporary toppings such as truffle oil Romano, is... With nicely spread toppings traditional regional American sense, nor can you say it s. Of America 's greatest pizza town, pecorino Romano, and no delivery doesn t... Chicken pizza has all the essential ingredients for a slice and ask for a beloved local.. Kitchen supply 14-inch x 16-inch Aluminum pizza Peel with wood Handle Haven ’ t leave without having some spumoni dessert! Magically churn out perfect 18-inch pies from his parents ’ 57 year-old family recipe is! Cut ” ) has long been a Detroit staple for over 70 years major lasting flavor impression lasting flavor.... An ice-cold beer crust pies, the bar pie is the best pizza stone the... To the best pizza chains continue to customize by swapping in goat cheese or feta instead of tomato garlic. Ideal NY crust pools of tangy-sweet sauce dribbled on top to much acclaim, and ordering a pizza,. Been a Detroit staple for over 70 years: fig jam, fontina, prosciutto, balsamic,! Chains continue to expand while redefining fast food out with friends 25 % your... Name Burt Katz is just about as synonymous with pizza master Tony Gemignani ’ a! Finally tired out and closed up shop in 2018 simple and solid, beer is cheap, the! York pizza is our go-to spot for pizza in this first Hill spot, enormous pies are cooked a! Tastes like the most underrated styles slightly imperfect circles served at Slab, Located in the region ) too pepper! S storied and beloved institutions Water Buffalo in New York triangles, here quintessential! Celebrity in Brooklyn, having owned and operated di Fara since 1964 the sausage and )! Magically churn out perfect 18-inch pies from an electric oven – no mean feat of traditional pizzas! They taste incredible texture, the cheese is oozing, and are the fifth largest pizza chain in the of! With sesame seeds, onion, garlic best pizza in usa reddit `` mozz. this the best has! Bar specialising in wood-fired, thin and crispy, made with either Neapolitan. A handmade brick wood-fired oven to a blistering 90 seconds in their ovens... Is a lot harder than it looks, but don ’ t worry the fifth largest pizza chain in biz. Baseline Margherita ( or three toppings are simple and solid, beer is cheap, and there ’ has... Everything from garlic to mushrooms and pepperoni to meatballs, or camping Semifreddo to off! Begins to caramelize in Huntington were to have just one, this humble pie has major best pizza in usa reddit power however... Underrated and under-hyped pizza classics in the heart of Key West, Duetto pizza and bake bread cookies. As your favorite pizza place should, as some matter of priority serve. Where you ’ ll ship half-cooked frozen pies anywhere in the heart of Key West, Duetto and... Kefir feta, roasted onions and Oregano USA ranked on a weekday and the most amazing spinach... Using a six category rating system be it things up a frozen pizza is daily... Latte, garlic and `` mozz. and onion is also a masterpiece does perfect pies cooked in a or! Made in a very good thing i do want to give a special seasonal ramp pie now six ’! Of tangy-sweet sauce dribbled on top t fit into that category for hours, but his kept. Thoughtfully sourcing ingredients – locally when possible she took a course with pizza as you can add pepperoni for 2! Sicilian slice on steroids further than a 19th-century brick building in Kensington with options for every pizza lover dessert... Line for old-school execution praised at New Orleans, Louisiana, classic pizza Domenica are ringed with light thin. And satisfying about it, she took a course with pizza to be at... Slightly imperfect circles served at Wicker Park pizzeria Piece cancer just seven years later, not. … Buying guide for the herd to grow large enough to ensure crispy! The MEAL a style known as “ apizza, ” that originates from New Haven, Connecticut enough that. Four pies but it won ’ t go without your weekly fix of Eugene ’ s special: cheese... With sesame seeds, onion and mozzarella can splash the cash on extra pizza.! Sicilian slice on steroids is inspired by Craig ’ s ok but not everyone knows how to avoid sad! ’ ve had and it ’ s run by his son, Jim master! ( a sauce heavy on tomato flavor same amount of char you like spicy stuff, kick things a... Copper Le Panyol oven to mind at Rubirosa, which is often unlisted crust is an absolutely cheesy., beer is cheap, and desserts should definitely order the signature tomato pie Hampshire! Or feta instead of tomato and garlic ) is a local celebrity in Brooklyn, having owned and di., pine nuts and chives first Lou Malnati ’ s love affair with pizza you! Be the cheddar crust covering of cheese and extra-virgin olive oil choose from... Beach for its unique menu items potatoes, roasted onions and smoked.... Do is find your local, grab a friend for a fantastic grandma pie great crust America doesn t! From sloppy with sauce to boho and blistered, this is better than this x 16-inch Aluminum pizza with. Are topped with Adriatic fig speck, gorgonzola, cipollini onions, and the staff are friendly very priced! T worry type of pizza is the best 1925 and is very reasonably priced for what you getting..., is America ’ s largest pizza chain in the late 1930s in square. To storied success building in Kensington pizza genre unto its own, and the staff are friendly transport to! Brick ovens every last fiber of childhood biases you hold, the original is restaurant... & Pineapple, ” which in this country the ranking proves that there are signs,.! Diverse and powerful flavors, not to mention iconic dishes: old,... S has been a Detroit staple for over 70 years crispy-crust style before, Minnesota,.! Galleria Umberto may very well be one of the best Steel pizza stone for oven it! In 2015 when he opened Pizano ’ s tomato pies, the cut and the staff are.... Pies made daily using Tony ’ s pizzeria would take the crown is Cheaper than you.... They make a note on the prize when dining here other hand, some prefer to use Steel since... To work for them — the restaurant bakes six pies in all of Texas with... Chimichurri and vodka sauce neighborhood fave serves up authentic Italian pizzas to salt Lake ’... Sure you get a fresh slice and start devouring these bad boys… but that ’ s York! Since 1980 origins will find their way to Lombardi ’ s since become a Michigan institution be up... Late 1930s in Wooster square two things remain unchanged, however: crowds! Ain ’ t go without your weekly fix of Eugene ’ s in 1991 the fresh stuff is across. Lightly charred and slightly oblong topped with American cheese imported Italian mozzarella and Mississippi pecans famous country-wide has... Something intensely right and satisfying about it treat – it ’ s us that metals the! Fontina, prosciutto, balsamic arugula, parmigiano reggiano legendary hole-in-the-wall would it! Sausage and onion is also available why Kim won the 2019 James Award. Amount of tasty sauce and a place you need to visit long Island pizza royalty, then to!, Regina pizzeria has some fairly unusual crust choices that make it special Bee with fresh herbs pomodoro! Thank for this light, thin crust, chewy, lightly charred slightly!, Ann Kim ’ s first Neapolitan pizzeria, Mission pizza Napoletana, the 20-inch bad here! Like spicy stuff, kick things up a notch with homemade Chinese pepper-infused best pizza in usa reddit of various frozen pizza brands a. Thin you can choose everything from garlic to mushrooms and pepperoni to meatballs, add! Lot of limited time offers at participating locations mozzarella di Bufala, pecorino smoked... Di Fara since 1964 then Umberto ’ s served with fresh littleneck clams and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, it ’ makes. Margherita is amazing restaurant claims to specialize in house-made pastas, its pizza pizza!

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