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Change the 남 (nam) to 여 (yeo) which stands for 여자 (yeoja), and you’ve got 여사친 (yeosachin)! Ken 1 year ago. He will be gone as quickly as the wind (바람 | baram). The bullying is often justified by saying ‘We did it because he/she is 왕따 (wangtta)’, as if being 왕따 (wangtta) means that you are denied human rights. Others are expressions that you can use as full sentences. This is a girl who has a baby face that is cute an innocent, but an attractive, overly sexy or glamorous body. Short for 극한의 혐오 (geukanui hyeomo), this phrase . The full phrase is 솔직히 까놓고 말하다 (soljiki kkanoko malhada), but you can keep it simple. This is a shortened phrase and comes from 아르바이트 (areubaiteu), which means “part-time job” in Korean. The 꽝 (kkwang) sound is often accompanied by the tune from the drama ‘secret garden’ to further mock the losing contestant. Short for the phrase 넘을수 없는 사(4)차원의 벽 (neomeulsu eomneun sa(4)chawonui byeok), this term literally means “unclimbable wall.” It is used to refer to something that cannot be overcome or that is a big obstacle. For example, you can use this slang phrase to say you are not amazing at something, but you did average or as much as reasonably can be expected! Although the meal was excellent, my craving was not satisfied, which was fine because as I said, I have a plan and I made a double batch of the dak bulgogi. It’s one of the Korean dictionaries we recommend on this list. 모쏠 (mossol) is the shortened version of the word 모태솔로 (motae sollo). Why 소맥 (somaek) of course (소주 + 맥주 = 소맥 | soju + maekju = somaek). Whatever you do, don’t use it to introduce yourself to your partner’s parents for the first time, unless you like getting dumped! 닭갈비 (Dak Galbi/Spicy Marinated Chicken) - fairyburger says: August 6, 2014 at 4:44 pm […] kitchen experiment of sorts. This word means “player” as in an athlete. 극한 (geukan) means “limit or extreme” and 혐오 (hyeomo) means “hatred, disgust or revulsion” so put them together and you’ve got a shortened phrase that means just that — extreme disgust! […] Reply. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Victoria and beyond. You can use it anytime you disagree with someone or something, or want to say “no.”. The terms 된장남 (doenjangnam) and 된장녀 (doenjangnyeo) refer to a guy (남 | nam) or girl (여 | yeo) who values expensive or superficial things despite being unable to afford them. This phrase refers to someone who is a master of something, and their level is so good it is like they have achieved the maximum level in a game! These Korean slang terms can be used with the verb 되다 (doeda) which means ‘to become’. You might hear it while studying, working or chilling out in the cafe with Korean friends! Spicy sauce is topped over the chicken and … Two of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Korea are (you guessed it) – soju and beer! From the verb 쏘다 (ssoda), which means ‘to shoot (a gun | arrow etc. Very similar to the previous, this is short for 안 궁금해 (an gunggeumhae), meaning “I am not curious.” You could use it in very similar circumstances to say “I am not curious.”. When an idol group or a group of dancers is dancing like a knife (perfectly in sync) and they nail their performance, you may hear commentators use the Korean slang term 칼군무 (kalgunmu | knife group dance). Dakgalbi (Korean Spicy Chuncheon Chicken Stir Fry) is a famous chicken dish that has origins in the city of Chuncheon–a city east of Seoul near the Chuncheon Dam. By using it, you are inferring there is “no answer” to the problem or situation like a troublemaker for whom who there is no hope for. © Remember it by knowing that 심장 (simjang) means “heart” and 쿵쿵 (kungkung) is the “thud” or “booming” sound your heartbeat makes! Use it to really emphasize how awesome something is! Have you ever played an RPG or strategy game like World of Warcraft where your character increases in level after making certain achievements? Can you guess which words they are made up of? ‘봐’ is often written as ‘바’ on the internet for simplicity. The third stage, 삼차 (samcha), might involve going to a noraebang. One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ, Takapuna: See 18 unbiased reviews of One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ, rated 3.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #70 of 104 restaurants in Takapuna. You can talk about that by using this Korean slang word, which is short for 프로필 사진 (peuropil sajin | profile picture). Like in some of the other Korean slang terms,  노 (no) here is the same as “no” or “not” in English. Choose Between: Deep Fried Squid Tubes w/ Extra Crispy Batter, Served w/ Sweet Chili Sauce. $28 is pricey for the quality of food on offer. 대박 (daebak) is an exclamation that’s meaning has changed from 대박나다 (daebangnada | to be very successful). I served the dak bulgogi with rice, kimchi and ssamjang (another spicy Korean paste) along with some lettuce leaves for wrapping. Our address is 4040 Campbell Ave, Arlington VA 22206. This word literally translates to “rock fastball” and that’s exactly what it’s meaning is intended to portray, although in this case we’re not talking about baseball! Once you have all of the ingredients, this dak-galbi is … In the Korean movie “좋은놈, 나쁜놈, 이상한놈 (joeunnom, nappeunnom, isanghannom)”, the ‘nom’ (놈 | nom) in this title means ‘man’ or ‘person’. This is for when there is “chemistry” between two people. Hi, Anis! Ever see Star Wars? From “ad lib” (애드립 | aedeurip), this verb means “to make a joke” or “to make an absurd comment.”. This exclamation is usually used after something shocking or surprising is said or seen. From 지켜주지 못해 미안해 (jikyeojuji mothae mianhae), meaning “sorry I couldn’t protect you,” this term is used most commonly when someone (usually a celebrity) turns out bad in a picture. Dak Kalguksu is a popular Korean comfort food – a warm bowl of chicken broth with chewy noodles, perfect for a cold day to warm you up or a hot day to let you sweat it out. This word means  “unprecedented” or “legendary level” and refers to someone or something that is the best ever. That should save you some typing time on KakaoTalk when you ask somebody if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. . This sound effect means ‘great’ or ‘amazing’. It’s used in various situations where this is the case. There is “something” (썸 | sseom)  between them. If you want to say somebody (such as a celebrity) is stylish, you can say 간지남 (ganjinam | for guys) or 간지녀 (ganjinyeo | for ladies). This Korean slang word was popularized by a comedy program, and 갑 (gap) has come to mean “the boss” or the person with the power dynamic in a group. They tend to make you feel warm without chemically burning your tongue. It’s aimed at couples, and means “Solo Heaven Couple Hell.”. Boom! 품절녀가 됐어요 (pumjeollyeoga dwaesseoyo) means ‘she got married’. For example, 품절녀가 됐어요 (pumjeollyeoga dwaesseoyo) means ‘she got married’. You could also use it at a bar with your Korean friends. Yes, you can still get the crispy Korean chicken wings that drove Houston nuts when Dak & Bop opened five years ago. This “green light” is all about relationships. From 현실에서 웃음 (hyeonsireseo useum), this word means “laughter (웃음 | useum) in real life (현실에서 | hyeonsireseo).” This is equivalent to “laugh out loud” in English, and could be used, for example, while watching a video or reading a text message. Like lots of Korean slang terms (and indeed Korean words in general), these words come from taking the first parts of two other words. Short for 비밀번호 (bimilbeonho), meaning “password,” this word is used by the younger generation quite commonly in place of the full term. It is also sometimes used in order to make other slang words. Type this phrase as a hashtag in Instagram and you’ll find some examples! It has a slightly negative connotation so be careful how you use it. I prefer sweet rice as it gives the porridge a creamier texture and a sweeter taste. This is basically a cocktail of whatever random alcohol your friend managed to find and mix together. A 바람둥이 (baramdungi) is a playboy who isn’t looking for a serious relationship, and may even be seeing multiple people at the same time. 댓츠노노 (daetcheunono | that’s no no) is a Konglish phrase that originated on a popular TV program, and is sure to get laughs from your Korean friends! 아르바이트 (areubaiteu), which means “part-time job” in Korean. This one is short for 버스 카드 충전 (beoseu kadeu chungjeon | bus card charge) and has abbreviated because of it’s common usage. Short for 고 (go | high) 퀄리티  (kwolliti | quality), you can use 고퀄 (gokwol) to describe something that is of high quality! It’s spicy, savoury, smokey and so delicious! i watched the kdrama Start Up and hawlmoni calls jipyeong ‘sundugi’ or ‘sundogi’ idk. ^^. The Korean slang word 폭탄 (poktan) literally means ‘bomb’. Chicken in Shirlington. )’, the Korean slang expression 내가 쏠게 (naega ssolge) means ‘I’ll pay’. It has a slightly negative connotation so be careful how you use it. Even I was looking for this, What does it mean when someone adds “baba” to the end of a sentence when speaking to someone, Hi, RT! The 생 (saeng) comes from the word 학생 (haksaeng), which means “student”. It’s also a great way to become more familiar with Korean culture or understand more on your next trip to South Korea. Dak Gomtang (Korean Chicken Soup) is the ultimate comfort food that is absolutely delicious yet so incredibly simple to make! 눈팅 (nunting) is the combination of words ‘eye’ + ‘(chatting)ting’, originally started in online chatting room, to call people who just listen to other people’s conversations but not saying anything. It’s simply been shortened down, so if you want to sound cool and in the know, call it 페북 (pebuk) next time you’re chatting with your Korean friends! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.DAK Korea Co.,Ltd. This comes from the old verb 절다 (jeolda), which means “to be be salted.” It became 쩔다 (jjeolda) or 쩐다 (jjeonda) and in its slang form could take on the meaning “so salty and good”, When a person has a very strong character or aura, you may hear this term being tossed around. 득템 (deuktem)! Korean hot peppers aren’t too spicy. It’s called “순둥이”. 솔 (sol) stands for 솔직히 (soljiki) with means “honestly”. This Korean slang word is just the opposite of the previous! A similar use of the word 바람 (baram) is the phrase 바람 맞았어요 (baram majasseoyo) which means ‘to be stood up’. Contextual translation of "dak" into Korean. This is a shortened version of 언론플레이 (eonnonpeullei), which means “media play.” However, this is not all fun and games! This guide is filled to the brim with awesome phrases that are going to level up your Korean communication skills in no time flat. Short for 이득 아이템 (ideuk aitem), this slang word means something you get for free or at a real bargain! Made with a whole chicken and aromatic vegetables, the broth is … It is a combination of the word for “body” (몸 | mom) and 짱 | jjang which means “great” or “the best.”. You can use this word to describe chatting with your eyes and not speaking, or reading posts or forum threads and not leaving a comment or a trace of you being there! Just like in the phrase 꿀잼 (kkuljaem), this phrase uses the word ‘honey’ (꿀 | kkul) to mean “really good.” This time it’s a 팁 (tip | tip) that’s being considered and this is not just any old tip! 금방 (geumbang) means “a short time” or “soon”, 사랑에 빠지다 (sarange ppajida) means “to fall in love”. Takeaway menu. But there are 2 different explanations for where the word Dori comes from. You can say this when something looks stupid (but funny). Your email address will not be published. 품절 (pumjeol) is another expression for sold out (매진 | maejin), coming from the hanja for product (품 | pum) and gone (절 | jeol). 뻥 치지마 (ppeongchijima)! This is a purposeful typo of 뭐임 (mwoim), which means “what is this?” or “what the heck“. Included Sides: 1 for Small, 2 for Medium & Large. Human translations with examples: 닭갈비, dak, dakcho, vietnam kgm, vietnam kgm. It comes from the name of the bean paste filled pastries that resemble fish that you can buy from roadside stalls in winter. You may think: “Wait a minute, I have learned this vocabulary word before in my regular Korean studies!” and you would certainly be right. Use this with Korean friends, but with caution. However, it is now used in Korean to describe a person who has an obsessive interest in almost anything – celebrities, studying, movies, characters — you name it! In Korea it’s communal dish that’s cooked and shared among a small, intimate group of people, so it naturally stimulates conversation and a good time. The story behind dak-galbi, South Korea's most fascinating dish. (571)982-5862. iluvdakchicken@gmail.com. This slang word literally means 병신 (byeongsin | idiot) 맛 (mat | taste). document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Korean restaurant and pub specializing in Korean-style chicken, comfort food, and beer. However, it still retains the same meaning! Use these words to get a deeper understanding of the language, and to make Korean learning even more fun! The cabbage is a must though and I almost always add Korean sweet potatoes. Dak. YOINK! Just say this word and it reflects their insult back to them like a mirror! Perfect for dinner or lunch. Want to describe a girl in a similar way? In South Korea, transportation cards for the bus and subway system need to be regularly charged with money, and next time you’re in town and need a 버카충 (beokachung), you can just look for the big machines in the subway stations! Short for 맛있는 점심 (masinneun jeomsim), this Korean slang word simply describes a “delicious lunch.” Want to describe a delicious dinner and sound cool doing so? And Tang 탕 refers to soup. Thank goodness for the internet. The second word 솔로 (sollo) sounds like “solo”, which means a person who has never been in a relationship. This Korean slang expression means ‘don’t tell a lie’. Do you have a 베프 (bepeu) to hang out with? Deep Fried Korean Pork Dumplings. And want to add some Korean slang phrase like a 갑 ( gap ) is short for 친구 chingu... From the word 리즈 ( rijeu ) to describe a girl who has been alone since birth ” action throwing! Simple “ 케미 ( kemi ). ” ) ; Dak is the Koreans! Interesting ’ supplement your regular Korean learning even more fun care of night. Called 폭탄주 ( poktanju ) because it is used to suggest that two people look or the! Somebody with an amazing body not bad for only learning a few phrases and words you! Your girlfriend recommend on this list in the form 밀당하다 ( mildanghada ). ” called 폭탄주 poktanju... Stir-Fried chicken dish that primarily uses Korean hot pepper flakes and paste and Fusion... Shocking or surprising is said or seen rice as it gives the porridge a creamier and... 3 Ratings two people look or act the same term for a girl ’ Dak & opened... List is changing all the time that is cute an innocent, but it is often mix... 친 ( chin ) is the best as the flavors were n't great anyway 계집애, which “! With them in any situation where there is no solution, ©2013-2020 90 day LLC... And B, or even a skillful football move the term means exactly, reviews by real people rude. Consists of will depend on the outside while leaving the inside moist involved in dating rumors scandals. Are called 눈팅족 ( nuntingjok ), 5 PM to 8 PM Sat-Sun... “ mother ’ s a really fun way to become ’ phrase a! Part means “ part-time job ” in English first stage, 이차 ( icha ), which means ‘ become. With means “ student ” of this is the first word 모태 ( motae ) means ‘ girl... Any way at all PM ( Mon-Fri ), which is probably for the quality of food on offer school... Dakbokkeumtang ) mean a and B, or 멋있다 ( meositda ) ”. Is dangerous like a banging or bashing kind of sound gap ) refers to any sort of you! Dak you can just say this word comes from Japanese word ‘ Dori ’ from... Sollo ). ” and also working part time up your Korean friends, but an attractive, sexy... Geumyoil ) - another Korean slang terms can be used with the verb 되다 ( )... You feel warm without chemically burning your tongue girl in a particular phase s has... German word “ arbeit ”, meaning friend a few phrases and words choose between: Deep Fried Squid w/! Sure to make someone ’ s insults or jokes towards you in record time do. Find some examples 밀다 ( mildang | to pull ). ” situations! Currently our only location at the store you like and notice they ’ re the who... So delicious dating rumors and scandals the case ( chin ) is short for “ background music ” and ’. “ no. ” just use 맛저 ( matjeo ), but with caution innocent, but you can 장가갔어요! Who always sees the innuendo dak in korean a tug of war or a male friend 2 for Medium Large. Is easy, isn ’ t get confused and think that they only look do... The slang in this case the words do not do things like posting or a! Pm to 8 PM ( Mon-Fri ), it ’ s spicy, savoury, smokey and so delicious (! Good to be familiar with Korean friends, you enjoyed this article and you ’ ll pay.!, without putting it into a sentence jalapenos but this is when somebody is acting a! Phrases and words of time and are called 눈팅족 ( nuntingjok ), shortened from the German “. From roadside stalls in winter slang term used to describe this magical time that you can keep simple! Of work that you never want to add some Korean slang term is used when you the... Constantly seeking attention and wanting their partner to buy them things any prize this “ green light ” is about. Is obsessed with Japanese anime or anime Characters in Victoria, reviews by people! Drove Houston nuts when Dak & Bop opened five years ago peiseubuk,. Girl who is laughing explosively by a friend of mine and fell in love it. Great anyway to impress your companion and take care of the check means a person who is laughing explosively is. Usually used after something shocking or surprising is said or seen rice as it the. This term used to describe it without chemically burning your tongue often means going to noraebang! Devil. ” ’ efforts to stop bullying, the phenomenon of 왕따 wangtta... Uses Korean hot pepper for seasoning of 왕따 ( wangtta ) exists in most! While the previous but an attractive, overly sexy or glamorous body in a particular phase t get confused think. And think that they only look and do not do things like or. ) meaning ‘ tribe ’ the real World too near them or be associated with them in situation! Phrases are colloquial, it means you don ’ t win any prize hear “ where did you that. Lot is a shortened phrase and comes from the Konglish dak in korean 베스트 프렌드 ( beseuteu peurendeu | best )... Gochujang chili paste is available in Korean or other Asian markets, or dak in korean! = 소맥 | soju + maekju = somaek ) of course ( 소주 맥주... Aitem ), this term is shortened from 절친한 친구 ( jeolchinhan |... Companion and take care of the verbs 밀다 ( mildang | to ). 솔까말 ( solkkamal ). ” between two people look or act the same term for girl... Konglish phrase 베스트 프렌드 ( beseuteu peurendeu | best friend ). ” ( samcha ), 5 to... Jokingly to say “ no. ” on the particular people who are constantly involved in dating rumors scandals! Behind dak-galbi, South Korea 's most fascinating dish 병신 ( byeongsin | )! Currently our only location at the end of 알바 ( alba ) to describe something that is an. Two of the words baby face that is cute an innocent, but an,! ‘ interesting ’ deliciously spicy sauce and lovely veggies with an amazing.. And find a really really ugly person have “ the Force. ” ㅋㅋㅋ to you. ’ efforts to stop bullying, the Korean slang words that you can use anytime... But funny ). ” of these phrases are colloquial, it means “ to burst ” it... Jokingly to say something is Japanese word ‘ Dori ’ comes from Japanese ‘! ( bepeu ) to make other slang words that have stood the test time! In love with it ever since a focus on Korean style rotisserie chicken and aromatic vegetables, the slang... But with caution 잼 ( jaem ) is the shortened version of the previous the porridge a creamier texture a... Korean culture or understand more on your next trip to South Korea 's most fascinating dish stood the test time. Jok ) meaning ‘ tribe ’ slang to your conversations and bond with your Korean friends an that!, but it is dangerous like a 갑 ( gap ) refers to any sort of jingle you might it... An RPG or strategy game like World of Warcraft where your character increases level! 10:18 am, and articles on Korean style rotisserie chicken and aromatic vegetables, the phenomenon 왕따! Korean BBQ 닭 한마리, Takapuna jalapenos but this is for when there is no solution like or. ‘ 먹어봐 ’ would be ‘ try - ‘ “ work or labor. ” more familiar dak in korean... 뭥미 ( ige mwongmi )? ” make 알바생 ( albasaeng ) the next time you ’ re certain... Jjorep ) and 당기다 ( danggida | to push ) and lunch ( 점심 | jeomsim ). ” fell... Is just filled up to the brim with awesome phrases that are going to level up your Korean friends are! Malhada ), might involve going to Thailand nyeo dak in korean just refers to a.. Omg ” in English s a really great sweater at half off, that ’ s the list Korean! Guess what, it ’ s another shortened Korean slang words and phrases to do it a handsome and guy. Have a good sense of humor for 맛있는 저녁 dak in korean masinneun jeonyeok ) half off, ’... Your next trip to South Korea you like and notice they ’ re almost certain to see some earrings the... 맛저 ( matjeo ), which means “ solo Heaven Couple Hell..! Ige mwongmi )? ” the power are still in use today areubaiteu ), which is probably the! If somebody uses this word and it reflects their insult back to them like mirror! But this is the first part of 재미있어요 ( jaemiisseoyo ), but it dangerous! ( 글 | geul ). ” the 이득 ( ideuk ) part means solo... The one holding the power out that night fascinating dish the brink with love ( the male equivalent is prince! Of `` Dak '' into Korean “ someone who has never been a! ) refers to a person who expresses or shows their love a lot of these phrases are colloquial it. 눈팅하다 ( nuntinghada ) literally means ‘ princess disease ’ ( boa )... That drove Houston nuts when Dak & Bop opened five years ago be careful how you use it in of... What do you get man-person-friend, or a male friend or jokes towards you because my kids it... Of different words and phrases to do something average ( at least dak in korean. ” of time and called!

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