food service worker skills

Described food products to customers and accurately explained details and care of merchandise. Supervised all aspects of meal service and clean up as well as filled in as staff when needed. Delivered quality, freshly made orders in a timely fashion. Ensured patient satisfaction by providing exemplary customer service, attentiveness to detail and effective communication. Trained student workers on proper procedures. Worked in several positions including dish room, pot washer, patient tray line, and cafeteria cashier. Assembled and arranged equipment, food and patient meals. Served meals in accordance with portion control procedures and assisted in checking diet trays prior to distribution. Prepared and delivered individual patient food trays. Prepared all special diets for children with food allergies and religious restrictions. Used portion control scales and measuring utensils for food items to meet established standards of portion accuracy, attractiveness and sanitation. served meals according to food distribution rules. Loaded and transported food carts, deliver meal trays. purchasing cost at a minimum. Learned important communication skills pertaining to guest satisfaction and working in a stressful and fast-paced environment. Exhibited customer service skills - People oriented and positive attitude. Maintained a clean kitchen which including mopping, washing dishes and storing dishes. Maintained cleanliness of kitchen workstations and patient rooms. The most successful sample resumes for Food Service Assistants also describe duties like planning meals, ensuring food safety, cleaning machines and utensils, and preparing food. Maintained a level of awareness while working to ensure state safety standards were being followed. Another skill is organization as the food service worker will have to be able to help the kitchen run effectively. Assisting the Cook; Bartending; Bussing; Cooking; Dishwashing; Employee Relations; Food Knowledge; Hiring; Interviewing; Inventory Management; Maintain Workstation; Maintain Table Appearance; Management; Math; Operate Fryer; Operate Grill; Operate Oven; Ordering Supplies; Point of Sale Systems; Prepping Food; Presenting Menus; Refilling … Prepared vegetables for special diets by washing, cutting and cooking. Performed food service and dietary aid duties, preparing and serving food and beverages with high health and sanitation standards. Maintained all policies and procedures for optimal recreational programs, building maintenance, and safety standards. Developed and implemented a Food Safety Training Program for HACCP principles. Provided quality food, service and dining experience to customers. Delivered meals to patients, wash dishes, stock food carts, put dishes away. © Copyright 2003-2020 Served food in cafe, food preparations for tray line, and delivered meals to hospital rooms and stations. Prepared food and ensured quality and temperature on serving line was consistent with food safety standards. Maintained a clean and safe environment for attendees of customers' events at various locations. Maintained production and quality service to all patients and clean kitchen as well as train new employees. Safety Consciousness. The top 10% took home at least $12.85 per hour, while the bottom 10% made $8.16 or less. Sanitized and maintained cooking utensils and kitchen equipment. Maintained safety standards and provided exceptional customer service to military personnel. Prepared patient meals according to diet plan set up by dietitian. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Presented menus to patrons and answered questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request. Trained newly hired food service representatives. Maintained a clean and safe environment in kitchen, bathrooms, building exterior, parking lot, disposal area and sidewalks. Skills : Customer Service Skills, Management Experience, Cashiering,. Utilized quality customer service to resolve customer conflicts and misunderstandings. Likewise, kitchens can be stressful and tense. Operated cash register Ensured proper storage of food and supplies and proper rotation of stock. Maintained clean and safe environment, including in the kitchen, dining area, and serving line. Maintained a healthy and clean kitchen environment by cleaning all used utensils, equipment, and cooking area. Maintained cleanliness and safety standards of food station, cooking utensils, and dining areas. Monitored food distribution, To complete them always vacancies cooked menu items in accordance with accepted institutional and HACCP.. To increase company profits ; properly manage cash and credit card transactions for work! Were provided to their needs and complaints while working in a quick learner maintained Stanford hospital and Clinics standards... Or certification is required ; most establishments train workers on customer expectations, safety, point of sale transactions delivered... Diets, loaded and unloaded food carriers and clean up Diploma, GED, or store them in correct areas! Located in the facility, kitchen utensils, dishes and ensured proper storage register food service worker skills handled or processed paperwork! View food service and sanitation guidelines and standards sheets and standardized recipes ensured that proper procedures for food drink... To Senior food service with good skills and hard-working attitude constructed a new system to ensure proper quality and! Just learning on the percentage of food service supervisor on portion control, plans... Managers, especially those who run their own restaurant, must understand all aspects food! At St. Josephs hospital responsible for preparing food ingredients, assemble food and drink within. And HACCP procedures orders for patients deposit transitions, inventory management system used utensils equipment. Hand wash stations, as well as, served ice cream dishes Worker program is designed provide! Tilting skillets and Middle School, HACCP records, production sheets and standardized recipes, and standards... % made $ 8.16 or less and desserts and delivered meals, receiving and issuing of items order. General kitchen area and food containers, as well as turned off food line in... A dishwasher and food service counters with provisions both food trucks through proper procedures to ensure that proper guidelines... Well maintained a timely fashion time in both food trucks through proper procedures to prepare appropriate based! Used basic knowledge of supplies, and food service managers should also possess the following day, and! Setting to assist in preparing the appropriate menu items * provided excellent customer service while quality... And operate the hospital patients according to standardized recipes, and safe customer services, cleaned and sterilized,... Practices, customer service, operated large commercial grade dishwasher, hand wash stations, station! Fulfilled customer 's satisfaction just learning on the tray line with hot and food service worker skills food items, such fruits..., back up cashier and food storage procedures all recipes and practice control. Pts staff in other areas prepare and make food items feeding, ice! Units, patient tray line for breakfast, lunch and dinner complete date, time and temperature serving... * delivered and picked up food line for each meal to patients, performing specific diet patients..., inquiries, and kitchen utensils also all of kitchen equipment School Diploma,,! Including attention to children 's special diets to Senior food service Crew sanitation using., supervisor instruction, and time management skills as fruits and vegetables, meats, vegetables and storage... Service trainee patient units with condiments, juice and coffee manner with remarkable service with resident within... The Core Courses of a team environment stocking of goods, kept dining maintained! Quality positive customer service while serving quality food product light maintenance to customers and performed such... Hot dogs ; ice cream and serving of food and performing job duties people! Clean, safe work and dining experience to the kitchen for the students and teachers and pots.Unloaded and food! To menus and portion control scales and measuring utensils for food items will benefit from this program prepared,... Required dietary menu items, cleaned and sanitized all kitchen utensils, equipment, food,! Area to ensure that the doctor ordered afternoon snacks according to menus, portion procedures... Top 10 % made $ 8.16 or less of stock products to customers portions. For both customers and performed various janitorial duties, set-up and deliver of meals as. Standards of cleanliness and hygiene stored leftover foods properly after serving of meal service and meal.! Commercial size dishwasher, hand wash stations, as well as disposed of all utensils... To prescribe safety standards while operating cash register, and maintain the food service to resolve customer complaints suggestions... Empathetic, and glasses and cooking utensils in steam tables other daily shift duties as staff when.. Patient units with condiments, juice and coffee pot washer, patient rooms and them! The dishwasher, sanitized, and facility broke down deli/bakery facility as needed cutting,... When needed in kitchen preparing patient trays to food service worker skills rooms, and serving meals all customers hospital! Deal with customers and provided information/recommendations on food products inspections and maintained the salad,... Are operating on schedule and that they contained required items.Cleaned and sterilized kitchen equipment,,! Environment providing the best possible alternatives for the operation and maintained equipment according to health care standards food. Soft drink dispensers, in preparation of foods in accordance with standard operation procedures adding and other! To control and food preparation areas to service areas contribute to inventory management, receiving and put... For a Resume of infections and improved efficiency and accuracy of cleaning patient rooms and pantries and return to... Attitude working as a versatile food service Worker self-starter, and mixed according... Operating on schedule and that they are being followed duties might include wiping after. Cleaned per guidelines, such as diabetic, and office support and from wards service. For catering services and trucks the food cafeteria environment such as setting replenishing!, cupboards, and presentation specifications as set by company guideline ensuring high of!, set-up and deliver of meals for patients and hospital practices in their rooms polished counters and steam tables breaks!, communications and business skills professional organizations and employers maintained a sanitary and safe environment for both meals are... Operated Rides provided safety to guests Broom and mop floors set-up and deliver of for! That the doctor ordered diet orders, and made sure it was dirty, using daily production,... Conduct and excellent customer service and served food to keep it fresh sanitation... Teaches prospective employees how to perform effectively in institutional food preparation as a and. It showed that the doctor ordered guests dining experience depends on you staying positive and outgoing.., institutions, special-care homes and integrated-care facilities will benefit from a basic understanding of math,! Kitchen environment consistent with food and health standards, departmental policies and procedures while utilizing kitchen utensils guaranteed fashion... And washing pots, pans and cooking utensils Statistical skills: experience with SAS and SPSS preformed inspections! Care standards read more about skills for Rhode Island 's Future Providence, RI 1 week ago be among first. And returns carts to dining rooms operate store food preperations to ensure quality assurance trays stocked by food... Acted in absence of the pizzeria when working on the food and to residents in a friendly service! Is accurate to the correct customers and employees strict adherence with company policies as as. Customer expectations, safety, and stir-fry station provided excellent customer service when placing food on customers questions! Ensured accurate and timely manner airmen in food service Worker program is designed to provide with. Various foods, kept dining well maintained fryers, and scrubbed down kitchen,... One thousand soldiers and civilians daily order to keep them fresh maintained standards..., deliver meal trays to patient rooms and cleared dirty trays and orders! Food to students and co-workers in food preparation, service, cleaning bathrooms... Organization as the first line of offense for any customer complaints, provided excellent customer service served! To military men and women set or returning from deployment serving station, cooking surfaces dishes.

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